Our private seminars have become incredibly popular!  They are a relatively new package option that we have added to the company.  A Seminar includes a 4-6 hour visit to the home for one flat fee.  During that 4-6 hours we work on a variety of issues that you have brought to our attention during the Evaluation.  Frequently, Seminars include proper walking technique instruction, socialization, aggression management, muzzle fitting and introduction, daily necessary tasks, raw feeding introduction and instruction, and much more.  Each Seminar is customized to that individual owner’s needs.

Seminars are held on a by approval only basis.  Not every client is fit for a Seminar.  Your evaluation will help your Trainer determine what is the best course of action for you.  Seminars are typically held 1-3 months after the evaluation and are frequently paired with Training Sessions.


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