Sometimes dogs have gotten so out of control or dangerous that owners cannot safely or calmly work with them.  Sometimes there are small children in the home and living with a sudden aggression issue is making the home dangerous for those children.  In some cases, like these, Bootcamp is a necessary jump-start or addition to training sessions.

With our style of Bootcamp, your dog gets an intense, one-on-one, customized training with your trainer for a minimum of 4-7 full days.  While you are away on vacation, visiting family, or whatever else you choose to do during Bootcamp, we stay in the home and not only house-sit to keep your home safe, but work diligently with your dog on his behavior issues.

Bootcamp is not for the level 2 or 3 problems.  Bootcamp is reserved strictly for clients who have level 10 problems and less than level 10 confidence in approaching those problems.  Primarily, Bootcamp is reserved for extreme aggression and extreme fear.

If you are afraid of your dog, becoming a hermit because you are afraid to take your dog out or bring people in the home, or making life decisions based on your dog’s behavior issues, Bootcamp may be the right first step for your family.  You can apply for Bootcamp by sending us an e-mail through our Contact Us page and explaining why you feel that Bootcamp is right for you.

Scheduling of Bootcamp is typically scheduled 2-4 months after initial Evaluation if the applicant is approved for Bootcamp.


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