Exercise Programs

Dog Walking

Walking your dog everyday, ideally twice daily, is one of the most important things that you can do for your dog.  If your dog is not receiving the proper amount of structured exercise, any of our behavior issues we work with can manifest or escalate into dangerous behavior.  This is not a luxury to your dog.  Walking is a necessity just as we need to provide our dogs with food and water.

Our associates can help to not only tire your dog out but also help to establish the habit of proper leash obedience.  This can increase the speed of training progression depending on the issues with the dog.

Service Area – $20/30 minutes
Extended Service Area – $25/30 minutes


Dog Blading

Sometimes, dogs just need to move faster.  The average dog loves the ~3.5mph speed and we just can’t get that while walking.  For this need, Scott invested in a brand new pair of nice blades to get that speed for our clients!  He has been blading for nearly 15 years and is so happy to be back on blades again!  If your dog has high energy and walking just isn’t enough, think about having Scott blade with your dog as an additional challenge.

Service Area – $7/5 minutes (max 30 min)
Extended Service Area – $9/5 minutes (max 30 minutes)


Our Service Area for these services include Camarillo and Somis. Our Extended Service Area for these services include Oxnard, Newbury Park, and Thousand Oaks.


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