Adoption Services

Pawfect Manners - Thor Puppy Golden Retriever

Thor, a Golden Retriever Puppy on Take Home Day. This family used our Adoption Services and Thor is currently a wonderful 8-month old addition to their home.

Adoption Services

Whether you are adopting a puppy, adult, or senior dog, our adoption services can help make the process easier.  At Pawfect Manners Dog Training, we will walk you through the process and guide you to help find the RIGHT dog for YOUR household.  We help regardless of where you would like to adopt but we highly recommend adopting from a rescue agency.

Adoption Services is a full service packing including the following:

  1. Evaluation of the household
  2. Discussion to determine the best plan of action
  3. Visits to breeders/rescues to help determine the right dog
  4. Assistance in preparing for Take Home Day.
  5. Take Home Day assistance including acclimation to the home, training tips for the first couple weeks, and other beginner do’s and don’t’s.

Adoption Services are often paired with our Puppy Power Package or other Training Program Session Package to further assist new pet parents.  All Adoption Service Clients are eligible for all of our Client Perks.


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