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Giving Supplements

Giving supplements to your dog with raw feeding is a completely personal choice.  For me, raising a giant breed puppy and a medically sensitive 3-year-old, feeding supplements makes sense.  If, at any point, the amount of variety I can provide isn’t enough to provide every single nutrient, mineral, and vitamin that they need, supplements help … Continue reading

How To Begin Raw Feeding

This blog topic can be answered in one sentence:  You just start feeding raw. There is no transition, no mixing, very little weighing, and you start with one protein.  Raw feeding has rules but is very simple in general. Most people start with chicken as it is a relatively easy protein to find a very … Continue reading

Prey Model Diet; The Best Food Choice For Your Pets

After much research and a personal journey with our own pets, Pawfect Manners now wholeheartedly supports Prey Model Diet feeding over any other sustenance choice for your cats and dogs. Why Feed Raw? The answer is very simple….because it is what dogs and cats are built to eat.  Despite the extreme marketing by dog food … Continue reading

A Human Challenge: Let Dogs Be Dogs

Many owners that I work with have great intentions by dressing their dogs up in cute outfits, buying toys constantly, building extravagant housing and hang out areas, and so much more. They claim that their dogs “love” all the cute outfits, are “picky” and only eat designer food brands, and “throw tantrums” if they don’t … Continue reading

How To: Cutting Your Dog’s Nails

Many dog owners do not know how to provide basic grooming care for their dogs.  So many defer to the expertise of groomers, failing to learn the techniques themselves.  In the event of a financial low, instead of knowing how to provide the grooming needs themselves, the needs are just not met. Overgrown nails are a big … Continue reading

Giardia – Public Service Announcement

Multiple clients of mine within the Oxnard and Camarillo area have recently been diagnosed with a disease called Giardia. For many dogs, puppies especially, this disease can cause severe and possibly life threatening issues if not caught early and treated appropriately. Since Giargia is so easily spread from one animal to another and there is … Continue reading