Meet The Team

Stephanie Curti, Owner & Master Trainer.  Stephanie Curti is the proud owner of Pawfect Manners Dog Training, specializing in customized behavioral consultation and human education.

Stephanie was born in the east coast in the small state of Rhode Island.  Having animals all of her life, she was involved in the animal care and handling industry at a very young age.  She began with training her family pets and pet sitting for neighbors.

As the devotion to animals grew, Stephanie sought out a career in Veterinary Medicine and began volunteering in a local zoo’s program to work with the animals there.  The trainers at the zoo saw something in Stephanie that they didn’t see in most volunteers and she was taken under their wing.  She not only became the President of the entire volunteer program; managing upwards of 35-40 volunteers at a time, but was also working independently with multiple species on training, care, enrichment, and handling.  By 2004, Stephanie was using the behavioral techniques she learned, researching dog behavior, and applying the same concepts to a severely abused Boxer, Jake, that she had adopted.

After working with Roger Williams Zoo for 6 years and successfully rehabilitating Jake and other dogs in Rhode Island, Stephanie relocated to Southern California in 2009 to follow her dreams and launched her company in 2010 with more than 10 years of specialized behavior training with wild and domesticated animals under her belt.

In addition to owning Pawfect Manners Dog Training, Stephanie is the Founder of The Survivors’ Ink Project which supports Survivors of human violence all over the world.  A newlywed, Stephanie was married on October 1, 2012.

Stephanie enjoys the outdoors, photography, reading, and caring for her own small zoo of animals at home.  To learn more, Add Stephanie on Facebook!

Personal Pets

  • Servie Dog Sadie – Petite Basset Griffon Vandeen mix – 3 years old.
  • Service Dog In Training Gandalf – Siberian Husky/Giant Malamute mix – 5 months old.
  • Kitten – Savannah Cat –  1 year old.
  • Raphael – Ornate Box Turtle – 18 years old.
  • Rogue – Red Tailed Boa Constrictor – 11 years old.
  • Storm – Red Tailed Boa Constrictor – 8 years old.
  • Selina Kyle Captain Crunch – Snow Cornsnake – 6 years old. (Named by a friend’s little one)

936879_880025799609_1628293462_nScott Curti, Dog Walker, Rollerblader, Pet Sitter, Assistant.
  Scott and Stephanie were married October 1, 2012 and he relocated to California two days later.  Since their marriage and cross country move, Scott has worked in various positions within the company and assisted in everything from scheduling to being a target of human aggressive dogs during training sessions.  Currently, Scott provides about 90% of the Dog Walking Services for the company and 100% of the Rollerblading Services.  He is also a very active part in Pet Sitting Services and supports Stephanie in all areas.

He is also an apprentice of sorts as he navigates through his own training regiment with his Service Dog in Training; Gandalf.  Though Scott does not plan to become a Master Trainer within Pawfect Manners or any other company, he is an invaluable asset and presence to both Stephanie and clients.


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