Our Testimonials Page has gotten very long!  We are so thankful to have such wonderful and hard working clients.  To make it easier for you to navigate the page, we have started creating blogs with client testimonials and trainer testimonials along with pictures of the client’s dog(s).  This is an easier way for you to search for testimonials that speak to the issues you may be having with your dog.

Testimonial Blogs:

Missy – Pit Bull and Mastiff Mix – Puppy Raising; Dominance; Socialization; Owner Education

Skyler, Destiny, and Ginger – Inter-pack Dog Aggression, Running Away, Anxiety, Leash Pulling, Owner Education, Jumping on People, and more

Juni – Cattle Dog Mix – Owner Education, Severe Human Aggression, Severe Dog Aggression, and Fear

Kinds words from our clients:

————————————Pawfect Manners - Sheltie Shetland Sheepdog

“She is a wonderful trainer as well as a real pro. Clean, on time, and, for my money, every bit as good as Cesar. I would recommend Miss Pasquarelli to train any dog anywhere there is no one better.” -AJ DePalois


Pawfect Manners Ace Pit Bull

“We’ve only had one session but we had the evaluation too. We received great information from you both times and there’s been improvement even since the one session. He was already noticeably better. No pulling & no chasing the few cars we encountered.” -John Wilner


“My husband and I decided it would be a good idea to get our puppy trained, so I searched the internet for a local dog trainer and I came across Pawfect Manners. After reading about Stephanie and her experience with animals, I decided to email her and get a few more details. She responded in a very timely manner and was very informative about her practice. She asked me a bunch of questions so she could evaluate my puppy before meeting him and get a good understanding of what I wanted out of the training. I immediately felt comfortable with her and made an appointment for a private session.
From the first day I met her, I could tell she loved animals and is a great trainer. My dog also took a liking to her and seemed to have great respect for her. I would recommend Stephanie to anyone who is looking for a friendly, caring and knowledgeable trainer. We plan to use her for any future training or help with our dog that may be needed.”              -Danielle Chiapuzio

————————————Pawfect Manners - Family Review

“Stephanie is more than awesome…we have a pack of 4…2 german shepherds (2 y/o) a sheltie (13), and a cheweenie (also 2). The shepherds were adopted a month ago, and she has truly helped us blend as a family. WE LOVE YOU STEPH!!!” -Vicki Rice


“Thanks to Stephanie we have a sweet well mannered furry addition

Pawfect Manners - MIssy Pit Bull

to our family. Stephanie guided us every step of the way in raising our pitbull mix into an obedient and friendly pup. Missy gets along really well with people, especially kids and other dogs. She is an absolute joy to have around. Stephanie made it possible for our family, as first time dog owners, to raise a pitbull mix puppy into a well balanced, fun fantastic dog. Much Thanks Stephanie!”

“Stephanie goes above and beyond for her clients.  She truly cares.  Thank you, Stephanie.” -Eileen Ramirez

————————————Pawfect Manners - Scott Schwartz Chihuahua Terrier

“Stephanie was VERY thorough in her analysis of my dogs. She is VERY gentle, patient, kind and I am overly happy with the results of her training sessions so far. She has only seen my 4 dogs twice, but already I have seen changes in them on the things she/I are working on. I would HIGHLY recommend Stephanie. Just my two cents =)” -Scotty Schwartz


“First visit was a three hour conversation about what we were looking to accomplish, what our life with our dog is like and various approaches to living with and training dogs. We got good information and insight into how and why dogs learn and what we had to change to make training our dog more successful. Stephanie is knowledgable and supportive of our goals. We’re looking forward to working with her.” -Michael M.

————————————Pawfect Manners - Skyler Siberian Husky

“My husband and I have 3 Siberian Huskies, one of whom was quite sick as a puppy, so we were unable to leash train him when he was young. Walking him was always very unpleasant because he would howl, whine, be overly excited, and pull on the lead – through out the walk . Our Pawfect Manners - Red Siberian Husky many attempts to break this behavior were unsuccessful. Just prior to meeting Stephanie, our oldest female passed away and we adopted a 7 year old female Siberian whose owners could no longer keep her. The introduction of a new Siberian into the pack brought out agression in our younger female. When Stephanie started to work with us, our initial goal was to make a ‘good walker’ out of our male Siberian- Skyler. For an idea of what we were facing, check out Stephanie’s youtube video:
As Stephanie worked with us, we learned that we had a variety of different behaviors that needed to be addressed. Loosing one dog and bringing in a new Pawfect Manners - Siberian Husky Tricolormature female changed the pack dynamics and our new pack member, Ginger, definitely brought out behavior in the other two we had never experienced. After many months of teaching and support from Stephanie, we have integrated Ginger into the pack; reduced the problem behaviors, and most importantly we can walk Skyler without all the howling and excitement.
If you are looking for an expert to help with your pet, Stephanie is definitely the best.” -Peggy and Greg G.


“I adopted Eddie, my 30 lb. JRT when he was almost 3 years old. He has an abusive past, and was shuffled from shelters to finally a rescue from which I found him. He became over protective to the point he would not let people into our house and would lunge at people if they got too close. I needed not only someone who was brave enough to take on the challenge, but could help me with his issues.
I had six weeks of sessions with Stephanie, and she helped Eddie see that not all people are going to do harm, and helped put him on the path to learning to trust again. After helping give me the tools I needed to rehabilitate this dog, I took it from there. She taught me that it is a commitment that you must have every single day, and there is no time frame as to when your dog will “get better”.
It’s been a year and a half since our sessions with Stephanie, and I can now walk Eddie without a leash ( he would bolt before) and have him around people and other animals and feel relaxed that he will behave. He still is protective when someone comes to the door, but he will calm down as soon as he is corrected and is your best buddy in 5 minutes. I learned that his aggression is fear based, and once I understood why he reacted the way he did, it was easier to train him.
Stephanie definitely understands animals and how to work with that. She is dedicated to the well being and health of your pet and will always be there long after you feel you don’t need her help. I’m so glad she kept in contact and has other activities for everyone outside of your regular sessions. Eddie and I will continue to join them whenever we can as it’s a beneficial get together for all. More importantly, we had a lot of fun!
Thank you, Stephanie,” ~Cindy and Eddie


“Stephanie, you are great for helping so many people and dogs! You’re wonderful!” ~Pamela Whiting

————————————Pawfect Manners - Thor Puppy

“We met Stephanie based on a referal from a friend at work and we’re so thankful that we hired her.  Though we live a bit far from her existing clients (60 miles away), she was excited about the opportunity to help and prepare our family to bring our first family pet, a puppy home.

The in home and family assessment prior to selecting the puppy and helping to select which from the litter would be best for both us and the puppy set the foundation for an awesome relationship and additon to the family.

Stephanie coached us on what to do and expect.  On homecoming day, she worked hands with the entire family and in particular with our kids.

Also being able to text her with our questions thereafter has helped us to adjust our routine and given much peace of mind.” ~Henry Yu

“One of the three in this picture is adopted, but doesn’t know it… and we’ll never tell….Thor and Family

Hi Stephanie, today is Thor’s birthday and it was 10 months and 1 week ago where you help us pick our soon-to-be new family member and then the longest week of our lives waiting to bring him home the next week. As I look back and reflect on this past year, clearly, it was nothing like we expected, but with your hands on work, consultations and coaching, our family is where I had only dreamed we would be… It is hard to believe that this same sweet pup went through a challenging stage – I remember telling the kids that Thor needed your boot camp, but that we would have to consider the reality of having him re-homed to somewhere he could do well and thrive. Thank your for jumping in without hesitation, giving us hope and the tools carry forward ourselves. Thanks for all the text messages and sessions this year. If not your favorite (the kids think so…), we are probably your most distant clients and I thank you for developing an effective engagement plan for our needs.

One of the three in this picture is adopted, but they don’t notice the difference….or ever will now…


“Adopted our first pit mix at 10 weeks old in December 2010 it had been several years since i had trained a puppy and was given Stephanie’s contact information and the training was great.” ~Cruz Morin

————————————Pawfect Manners - Golden Retriever Puppy

“Stephanie is an amazing and unique dog trainer.  Her approach focuses more on “training the trainer” as opposed to just training the dog, enabling the dog owner to quickly take command of their dog and understand their behaviors.  She educates the dog owner about the drivers behind certain dog behaviors, so that they avoid the frustrations typically associated with dog training.  By understanding the behavior and why a dog behaves a certain way, it is much easier to deal with correcting unwanted behaviors.

We have a 10 year old Golden Retriever and decided to get another puppy of the same breed.  Stephanie came to our house a month prior to our even picking out a puppy, did a thorough (2  hour) evaluation of our lifestyle, house, or existing dog and helped us determine the ideal energy level for a new puppy.  She also gave us detailed guidance on how to prepare for bringing a new puppy into the home, how to introduce the dogs for the first time and to help integrate the puppy into our home and family life.  She then helped us pick out the appropriate dog from a litter that best matched our lifestyle.  By the time we brought our puppy home, we had a game plan all detailed out for how we would manage the initial few weeks.

Stephanie has been coming to our home each week to work on progress with the puppy, but also spends a lot of time on our older dog because she doesn’t  view it as just puppy training, but as an overall family situation requiring balance on all parts.  We have made tremendous progress with the puppy, and mostly it has been Stephanie showing us, the dog owners/trainers, how to handle each situation that arises.

We would recommend Stephanie to anyone looking to educate themselves on how to have a well mannered dog.” ~Paul Rauch

————————————Pawfect Manners - Golden Lab

“Stephanie helped a lot with our dog, Bailey … Bailey (Pure Bred Golden Lab, female) was only 2 years old when she came. Very energetic dog, very dominant (not aggressive in a dangerous way, but very high energy and playful) There were certain things we couldn’t get our dog to do tho…

one being walking properly. Bailey kept pulling us down the street on walks. A dog 123 lbs, lots of muscle, made us feel out of control. Stephanie helped correct this and get complete control of the dog to the point Bailey actually walks with us instead of pulling us.

second was that Bailey continued to jump on us when we walked in the door… she gets sooo excited that we couldn’t control her and couldn’t get her to stop jumping. Stephanie came in, worked on it with us, gave us some hints on how to change this, and now Bailey gets excited still, but doesn’t jump like she used to.

Third was, and it was something we were nervous about, Bailey ate to fast… it seemed like as soon as we put the food in the bowl, it would be gone in seconds. Stephanie showed us some easy steps and helped us find some good products to help make sure she would slow down.

The one thing that we noticed as a family, and Stephanie explained in the beginning when she met with us, is that when she gives us tips or homework, to make sure we continue with it, or else to dog will go back to its usual ways.

She is amazing at what she does, and I would suggest her to everyone.” ~Peter C.


“Stephanie is absolutely amazing I don’t know what I would have done with out her! We have a stray dog that showed up on our porch one morning after a big storm. She looked very starved and scared. She ran and hid under cars when anyone would come outside. She wouldn’t let a single person get close to her even one bit. So I spoke with Stephanie, and she told me to try and bring my chihuahua outside with me and see if she will respond to him in a positive way. So for the first week i just kept food and water outside for her and when I would go inside she would rush up drink and eat as fast as she could, then she would run back under a car for safety. So eventually I leashed up my puppy and took him outside to see how well her advice would work. So I sat down by my garage door and immediatly she ran up to him and started licking him and sniffing him wiggling her tail. After a minute of them getting to know each other she slowly crept up to me sniffed my hand then gave me a few licks. She proceeded to come lay next to me while i petted her for about 30 mins and then went back inside. Ever since that moment now she sleeps up against the garage and only runs when our neighbors scare her. Another week and I should have gained enough trust with her to be able to pick her up and take her to a vet, and get checked out. I can not expess how much graditude I have for Stephanie. I would recommend her to any person who is in dire need of help or training with there dogs!” ~Daniel DeForest


“We have 2 dog and 1 started being aggressive toward the other. Within a few days of contact Stephanie came over and reviewed our dogs and our situation, came up with a plan, got my husband on board with the training (THAT was a miracle!) and started training us how to handle our dogs better. She’s very thorough and has a very behavioral approach (dog whisperer-ish) which we really connected with. We look forward to our learning sessions, Thanks Stephanie!” -Holly Trent


“Thank you so much! 🙂  Scooby and us are still giddy.” -Jojo Subrata


“The info given to me for my Boston Terrier problems was right on!   I have worked with other trainers in the past but nobody was more helpful or more professional then Steph!  If you want your dog trained the right way, the safe way, the humane way, and the permanent way, Pawfect Manners  is the only dog training school I trust!” -Robert P.


“We found Pawfect Manners almost 3 years ago. The reason for our search for “People Training” was because we have never had a dog, decided to try, and soon enough our Bailey was more than we could handle. I called and spoke with our trainer for at least an hour and 1/2, she was so helpful and offered to visit (no charge) and evaluate our needs. We then scheduled training for once a week, best decision ever! We had a little trouble with our family budget and had to re-arrange visits, and we were offered a discount 🙂  I don’t think there is any other trainer that cares so much for any and all types of pets and her clients. She even stayed over time with out charging extra just to make sure the session was understood by all. I would recommend Pawfect Manners Dog Training.”  Kenny P. and Family.


If you are hiring Stephanie to “train your dog”, you’re not doing it right.

If people could just “hire someone” to “train their dog”, we’d all have perfect dogs, now wouldn’t we? The first thing you’ll learn when you hire Stephanie is that it’s not your dog. It’s not necessarily you! Well, it’s mostly you, but there are so many other factors that come into play when raising an intelligent animal. There is no quick fix, and no, Stephanie cannot do it for you. It’s going to take work. But she will hold your hand through the entire process as long as you let her.

(I have what Stephanie refers to as the most aggressive dog she has ever worked with. So please consider the credibility of this review.)

If you want to learn why your pet behaves the way it does, then hire Stephanie.
If you want to learn why what you’re currently doing isn’t working, then hire Stephanie.
If you’re willing to invest time, energy, and a modest amount of money into giving your pet the best life possible, then hire Stephanie.

This is the beauty of working with her. She is so passionate about what she does, so dedicated to her field, that she will explain to you in full detail, with real life examples, scientific evidence, and historic data, why your pet is the way it is. The education she shares is the primary foundation for being able to alter the behavior in your pet. Then, and only then, do you get to techniques.

The first thing Stephanie considers is safety, and she immediately fitted my dog for a custom muzzle, which not only keeps other animals and people safe, but put me at ease immediately. This also allowed Stephanie to introduce my dog to challenging situations. The muzzle has been a door opener for me and my aggressive dog. We can now safely be around other people and dogs, and often walk with other muzzled dogs that Stephanie has introduced us to. It is this basic precautionary method that make Stephanie so very important to the local dog community. If more people hired Stephanie or someone like her, we wouldn’t be reading about dog bites in the paper every single week. We would know better, and know how to see the signs that our dogs are uncomfortable and might snap. Though it is a business, I think of Pawfect Manners as a paid community service in my dog-loving mind.

In my case, my dog is extremely scared, and acts on a pattern of instinct she has developed over years of fearful reaction. So the process for us is a lot of exposure to challenging situations, patience, and exercise! Stephanie didn’t tell me this, send me a bill, and ditch me. No, I see Stephanie ALL THE TIME. I join her for group walks with other clients with aggressive dogs, all muzzled. We meet regularly to expose my dog to new challenges. And more often than any of that, I am in constant text contact with Stephanie, asking questions about dog behavior, celebrating my dog’s successes, ranting the failures, and referring my bad-dog neighbors. She’ll even help you out when your dog has digestive issues! Hell! How many “dog trainers” do that?? As long as Pawfect Manners is in business, I will be a client.

And how’s my dog? She snuggled with Stephanie for a brief moment last week. Recently, she was OK with another dog being in my house (this is a big step!). She allows new people to pet her (occasionally). She walks calmly, shoulder to shoulder, with other muzzled dogs on a weekly basis.

But more importantly, Stephanie has taken me from desperation about my bad-dog situation, to hopeful.  Stephanie is a gift to dogs and their loving owners like myself. ~Lauren R.


I hired Stephanie and have been incredibly happy with our interactions and the progress of my dog. I decided to go with Stephanie due to her well rounded EXPERIENCE with all animals, her ability to listen to our needs and expectations, and PATIENCE in working with both me and my dog. If you are looking for someone to train your dog to jump through hoops, this is not the way to go. If you want a well balanced, happy, socialized dog- Stephanie is your girl- she is not a trick trainer- she is a behaviorist- you do have to understand the difference when going into the process.
Stephanie really cares about her clients and it shows. She wants the dogs to be the best they can be and she wants the people to be comfortable, confident and educated. She is also tough- in a good way. A lot of the work with your dog happens at home when Stephanie is not around- and if you don’t do your homework, she knows and holds you accountable- it’s your money you are wasting if you don’t engage in the program.
Stephanie has a great package price for puppies- start molding your dog the right way before there are any issues! She also offers dog walking, rollerblading, house sitting, and more for her clients- all at a very reasonable price.
Stephanie has gone above and beyond my expectations. I will be utilizing her services for all dogs in my future. Overall, GREAT EXPERIENCE.  ~Melissa S.


I truly didn’t want to utilize Stephanie’s services in the beginning but I am truly grateful that we did. Stephanie is wonderful to work with, and if you take the training seriously….you can learn so much about dogs and their behaviors to help make your dog an obedient, safe companion. I referred a friend and colleague to her, and have heard nothing but great news from their sessions also. I will use Stephanie, beyond a doubt, for any of our animals in the future.  ~Jay S.


When I got Nara, an Australian Cattle/German Shorthaired Pointer, I had every intention of training her and raising her with discipline. I was NOT going to let this dog run the house.

What I discovered when I brought her home the first day was how many factors I hadn’t considered and I had no idea what I was doing. This 10 pound little canine was not at all like the felines I was accustomed to her, and neediness astounded me. I felt like Tom Selig in 3 Men a Baby. Only this baby had teeth, and was walking and barking.

My initial attempts to train her through a large training business were moderate at best. They taught me a few key tricks, things Stephanie later backed up, but overall the experience was extremely lacking and most work we did was talking, not working with the dog. For the money I spent, I felt my dog wasn’t much better off, and I was not given the skills needed that later became a very serious attitude problem.

I was able to curb some of Nara’s tendencies by the time Stephanie met Nara. However, her high energy and dominance issues were oppressing the lighthearted play that she and Sadie instantly began upon meeting. In that first session, Stephanie taught me the invaluable lesson how to correct my dog several different ways, why, and what it all meant. And I didn’t have to be violent or throw my energy off course. In fact, defusing my anger and frustration was her first accomplishment. Not to mention, I was no longer a parent of one, but part a team in this dog-rearing mission.

In the months and now years following, our work has expanded to new levels that allow me to connect more deeply with my dog than I ever thought possible by breaking down barriers. Together, my Nara and I have learned and taught each other our own languages, and we have found this non verbal communication I envy in many of my human relationships.

To say Stephanie saved my relationship with my pup is an understatement I can only hope to begin to express someday. For now, I can only utter a humble thank you. Anyone would be lucky to get an opportunity to work with her as I’m sure she will radically transform your canine connection.  ~Leah G.


My husband and I have been working with Stephanie of Pawfect Manners since July 2012. Stephanie has literally changed our lives in a significant way.

For a long time I thought my husband and I could educate ourselves on dog behavior by reading a variety of articles, watching the Dog Whisperer and collaborating with other dog owners.  I can recall literally googling things like “dog + body language + hair stands up” and “dog gobbles food too fast” and “dog + meeting other dog + lunging”. Yes, these google searches HAVE proved to be quite helpful, but it wasn’t enough. We needed hands-on training ourselves, and that’s where Stephanie comes in.

Stephanie has provided my husband and I with the knowledge we need to work with our 2 year old Doberman/Shepherd mix pup, Scout. He’s the love of our lives, but he comes with a variety of issues as some dogs do: his on-leash behavior with other dogs is spotty to say the least, he has an inappropriate way of greeting other dogs, and his recall is something we continue to work on.

Stephanie has continued to tell, and more importantly show us the ways of best reaching Scout. She has taught us how to train Scout in our backyard, how to use a clicker properly, what products are best for him, and most importantly to me, how WE should react when HE reacts inappropriately to other dogs. The weekly pack walks Stephanie has set up have given us more practice and additional opportunities to work with her and other dog owners on this particular problem.

On top of her helping us train Scout, Stephanie and her husband, Scott, have also cared for him when we’ve been away from home. Stephanie or Scott have been able to give Scout a potty break when needed and have also watched him several nights in a row in our own home. Knowing that our pup is properly cared for gives the peace of mind we need when we’re away!

Thank you Pawfect Manners for all you’ve done to help us with our best bud!  ~Stacie K.


Stephanie is a great dog trainer. We are super happy to have met her. She pretty much save our lives and our dog’s too. We have rescued (what looks like a pitbull mix) puppy from the side of the road, when someone had ran over his mom.

He was so young and little, we couldn’t help but to fall in love with him. We love him so much. He is just a big goof; giving up on him is not on our list. He had issues with other dogs outside the house (we have two other dogs). He was impossible to walk at the time we met Steph. He was closed to 80lbs. He liked to pull HARD and lunged at the sight of another dogs. Within the house, he was like a bull in a china shop, spastic and very stubborn to train; not to mention he was also getting bigger and gaining a lot of weight. We figure, we need a professional to help us train him.

So we decided to take lessons from Steph. Nowadays, I can walk him alone with no problem. I walk him at least three times a week now. He behave himself quite well inside the house too. He behaves really good while being around kids. He listens very well. However, we are still working on his socialization issues with other dogs. It’s an ongoing battle for us.

Overall I felt our quality of lives and our dog’s have improved. With Stephanie’s help, we have helped him loose weight and exercise and socialize. Me and my husband are healthier from walking our dogs. I must warn you all, WE PUT A LOT OF TIME AND EFFORT to train our dog. I’m talking about walking him everyday for 45-60 minutes. Those walks were so hard in the beginning because we have to not only pay attention to our surroundings and be a responsible dog owner, but also we have to correct his behavior constantly. We also constantly correcting him inside the house too. We pay closer attention on what we feed our dogs. We try to play and give him the right kind of attentions. The lessons does not stop. NOTE: IT IS NOT STEPHANIE’S JOB TO FIX OUR DOG. THAT IS OUR JOB AS A RESPONSIBLE DOG OWNER. She’s there to coach and to support us, and to tell us how to get through to our dog in order to improve his behavior. During training, she would show us what to do, what not to do and how to do it correctly. She’s open to lots of questions (We asked about a lot of stuff!) Furthermore, she always thinks about safety measures for everyone and every-dog involved. She’s a fantastic trainer! She gave us hope for our dog!

We didn’t quite used up our lesson pack that we bought but Steph is always happy to fit me in if I ever need her to come by to help us train our dog. Even though we don’t see her every week anymore, she still cares. We used to come to her saturday morning meet at a dog park. This doesn’t count as part of your lesson pack. She just wants people like us – her clients with very special dogs, to be able to attend a dog park without being judge and discriminated because of our dog’s behavior or breed. It is a great way to help the dog get their socialization that they need in a positive environment. She also organizes pack-walk every wednesday to help our dog and her clients’ to socialize with other dog in a controlled environment. We also really like that Stephanie doesn’t discriminate against breeds, big or small, pitbull or not. Our dog will always be a very special member of our family. We greatly recommend Stephanie if you need help to train your dog.  ~Jojo P.


Stephanie is VERY knowledgeable in dog behavior and nutrition.

Obviously the other reviewer didn’t take the advise Stephanie was trying to give her.  Dog trainers – ANY dog trainer – can only help you so much. Just because she walked into your house doesn’t mean your dog will magically become trained. If the owner won’t listen, do their homework and apply the advice Stephanie gives them, then of course they won’t see results.  ~Plear L.

(Plear wrote this in response to the 1-star review on Yelp submitted by a woman who was upset that I refused to testify as an expert witness in a case she insisted on using Breed Selective Legislation and breed myths against pit bull’s in.  Since my refusal, she vowed via e-mail to damage my reputation.  She has not succeeded.)


In January 2011 we brought in a 3rd dog to our household, she is a Terrier Mix (Kali) that had been rescued while running on the freeway at night with her sister.  She had to be isolated for a while because of a possible exposure to Parvo at the pound.  This isolation only increased the anxiety of our then 5 year old Cairn Terrier (Karli), who had been the Alpha Dog in the house up to this point.  For about one year and a half we tried to deal with the battle between the two female dogs for the Alpha position – our older Miniature Pinscher (Nitro) just went with the flow and had no issues.  During this time, my daughter and I had to break up one fight between Kali and Karli over a toy and in an effort to break it up and hold Kali down until my daughter could get in the house with Karli, I got bit in the forearm.  Her Canine teeth were deep enough that I had to literally pull them out of my arm.  So off to the emergency room I went, of course prompting a visit from Animal Control and a subsequent 10 day Quarantine in our home.  A few months later another fight broke out over the water dish between these two.  This time my boyfriend almost lost his thumb nail breaking it up.  That was when we realized that we had not been doing something right and needed help and after an internet search, we found Stephanie!  Our initial consultation and meeting was really about her observing us, the dogs and the interaction between all which far outweighed a typical “dog trainer” who just wants to train a dog to sit, heel, etc.  The decision was made for her to help us become better parents to our dogs.  A lot of her time with us, in the beginning, consisted of her watching our interactions and reactions to the dogs, along with the behaviors of all three of them.  She would point out that behaviors that we didn’t realize were domination, aggression or even submission.  She guided us into recognizing how our reactions had the power to control situations and navigate our dogs through a situation before it became aggressive.
Stephanie possesses a natural instinct and innate ability to read and understand a dog’s behaviors (and the humans reactions) and issues. She gave us tips on how to recognize a situation before it spiraled out of control and how to properly handle it.  I honestly don’t know where we would be without her!  I do know, however, where we are BECAUSE of her!  Kali and Karli can actually play together now and not end up in an all out fight.  We know how to handle it if it does escalate.  We can go to the dog park and not worry about Kali getting aggressive.  Recently, on two different occasions, we were in a situation where other dogs started to fight and all it took was me calling to Kali and she came right back to me and stayed away from the scuffle.  This is because Stephanie taught us how to become the Alpha in the household….NOT the dogs.
We still have a long way to go, but one of the absolute best things about Stephanie is that even though the sessions are over, she is always there for us!  We still see her with other clients at meet and greets, she offers a pack walk for her clients, and she offers other services such as dog sitting and so much more.  Once a client….Always a client!   That is what makes her stand out above all others – her devotion, dedication and love for animals’ shows in all she does!  ~Michele and Rich


If you have worked with Pawfect Manners Dog Training in the past and would like to share your experience, please fill out this form below and click “Submit”.  If you would like to include a picture, please text or e-mail it to us along with your submission form.


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