“Be smart over forceful and gain knowledge over tools.”

Our philosophy is not the easiest to explain.  However, I believe one of my clients explained it best…

“If you are hiring Stephanie to “train your dog”, you’re not doing it right.

If people could just “hire someone” to “train their dog”, we’d all have perfect dogs, now wouldn’t we? The first thing you’ll learn when you hire Stephanie is that it’s not your dog. It’s not necessarily you! Well, it’s mostly you, but there are so many other factors that come into play when raising an intelligent animal. There is no quick fix, and no, Stephanie cannot do it for you. It’s going to take work. But she will hold your hand through the entire process as long as you let her.

If you want to learn why your pet behaves the way it does, then hire Stephanie.
If you want to learn why what you’re currently doing isn’t working, then hire Stephanie.
If you’re willing to invest time, energy, and a modest amount of money into giving your pet the best life possible, then hire Stephanie.” ~Lauren Roady

My philosophy is to support and coach my clients through every step of the process.  I am not a trick trainer and do not pretend to be.  I avoid training obedience commands during sessions unless they have a behavioral benefit to the client’s dog.  The vast majority of clients that I work with fall under 2 categories:  behaviorally unstable and puppies.

A behaviorally unstable dog is a dog that has fear, aggression, nervous, dominant, hyperactive, or other similar issues.  Behaviorally unstable dogs can typically be described as “very [insert behavior]”  Examples:  “My dog is very skiddish.”  “My dog is very hyper.”  “My dog is very excited.”  “My dog is very aggressive.”

I work with puppies to create balanced adolescent dogs.  My goal is to train and educate the owner, helping them build a confident, socialized, healthy adolescent dog.  I have plenty of examples of dogs who are extremely well obedient trained and were still severely unstable.  This is why I am not a trick trainer.

It is very important to understand that work with any behaviorist does not EVER have immediate solutions and takes time. While some trainers may claim immediate results and can achieve obedience with the dog rather quickly, they are in effect only training the dog and conditioning for that moment and those set of circumstances.  In reality, establishing trust, respect, and understanding of your dog’s needs and how to fulfill them to achieve your goals takes time.  Pawfect Manners Dog Training will be committed to giving you all of the tools, knowledge, and techniques that you need, effective and consistent application falls on the owner’s shoulders. If the trainer or behaviorist were to make it happen, the dog’s behavior problems would quickly return due to the lack of education that the trainer or behaviorist taught YOU. As long as you commit to your dog and apply our methods on a daily and consistent basis, you WILL see results! Our programs require the owners to give their all…50% commitment will not provide 100% results.


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