‘The Raw Feeding Community’ – A Facebook Group for all Raw Feeders!

I have recently been honored to become an admin of a great Facebook group and would like to encourage you all to join (if you haven’t already!).  It is called “The Raw Feeding Community” and can be found by clicking on that link.  It is a “Closed Group” which means you click on the page and click “Request To Join”.  One of the admin’s will accept your request and you are in!  I love this group from the moment that I joined and would like to share some of the benefits of being part of a group such as this one:


  1. Community:  I think the most important thing this group provides is a sense of community and involvement.  With over 200 members and a VERY active percentage of those members, questions often have answers in literally minutes.  You are never alone, even when shopping alone at the grocery store a snapped pictures of some on clearance meat that you’re not sure about will have a “yes” or “no” quickly, often before you leave the aisle!
  2. Open Minded:  This community is unlike many other Raw Feeding communities in that they don’t believe the mantra “my way or the highway.”  There are members who feed Prey Model Raw (the ideal), BARF, dehydrated, freeze-dried, Commercial ground raw, and much much more!  They are very sensitive to situational difficulties that make feeding Prey Model Raw exclusively difficult.
  3. Various Experts:  Some members of this group have been feeding raw for over a decade.  Others utilize education pet parents on their options as their career.  There is a behavioral expert (me) in the group to answer questions about resource guarding, etc.  There are multiple groomers in the group for care questions.  Questions get asked in this group about grooming, diet, health, illness, detox, behavior, exercise, agility, showing, and much much more.  There is very little that is a complete unknown.
  4. Humor:  This is definitely a group that I truly ENJOY being in and participating in.  They are not stoic and cold in their responses and people get to know one another and support one another through lots of laughter!  A picture happy group, you don’t have to scroll long before you find some amusing dog picture or meme.

This blog could go on forever.  I hope you will consider to join this group to learn about how you can better improve your dog’s health, looks, behavior, and much much more through raw feeding!


5 thoughts on “‘The Raw Feeding Community’ – A Facebook Group for all Raw Feeders!

  1. I love this group – have already made so many new friends and I feel extremely empowered and supported in my decision to go raw. If you’re thinking of going raw, join this group and ask any question you have – you won’t regret it! 😀

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